One Bloodline, Two Industries

What happens when two sisters grow up in the same home and then one becomes a global business leader and the other a church planter? The answer: a torrent of hard-earned wisdom and insight on life, business, leadership, and faith shared with the kind of gut-level honesty and humor that only comes with a shared bloodline.

The Podcast

Join us weekly to talk about life, leadership and faith. Learn from our mistakes, laugh as we learn and join us as we seek balance across work and play.

The Professionals

Are you looking for a speaker at your next conference? An experienced professional to help focus and motivate your team? Contact us to have one — or both — sisters join you LIVE.

The Point

Life is a series of choices. Let’s work together to make choices that motivate and inspire our teams, bless our families and add meaning to our shared, industrious lives.

“Who is going to do what — by when?”

Laura, the Big Sister

“Better together.”

Jenn, the Little Sister


The Sisters of Industry really are sisters. And partners. Ready to help you grow as a leader, a friend and a community member.

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Reach out so we can work together to find meaning in our industrious lives.

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