Episode 1: INDUSTRY, What are you?

12 November 2019

Welcome to the first episode of “The Sisters of Industry.” We are excited to have you join us for this learning adventure. Learning about leadership, how to be productive (not busy), having a positive impact on those near and far and, of course, laughing along the way.

  • Meet Jenn Williams and Laura Brown, your hosts of “The Sisters of Industry”
  • Join us as we discuss what industrious living is and what we hope to accomplish in our weekly time together.
  • Start a four-week series with us digging into BALANCE. In this episode we explore balancing working hard. Industriously. And working too hard.
  • Find out what Christmas Eve was like in our family — hard work or hardly working?
  • Discover Jenn’s favorite song to belt in the shower. Yes, because shower singing is an important part of finding balance.

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