Episode 2: Balancing the WHO and the WHAT

19 November 2019

BALANCE. We are told we need it. We even want it. But how do we find it in this world constantly finding ways to knock us, well, out of balance. Last week we talked about finding balancing between working hard and working too hard. In this episode, we explore the balance between PEOPLE and PROFIT.

Leaders are often called to make hard decisions that impact the lives of those they lead. When placed in this position, how do you think about people first and still make the right business decision? Is it possible to be an advocate for people and still have an eye on the bottom line? The Sisters say “YES!” and offer some insight into how to make that a reality.

In this episode, we are also joined by Devaun Walker, Associate Director of Operations at Phase Family Center in Atlanta, GA. He shares some insight into operating a for-profit business, built to benefit community.

You can find Devaun at devaunwalker.com and learn more about Phase Family Center at www.phasefamilycenter.com.

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