Episode 2: Balancing the WHO and the WHAT

19 November 2019 BALANCE. We are told we need it. We even want it. But how do we find it in this world constantly finding ways to knock us, well, out of balance. Last week we talked about finding balancing between working hard and working too hard. In this episode, we explore the balance betweenContinue reading “Episode 2: Balancing the WHO and the WHAT”

Yes. Yes we are.

We are sisters. Established as such in 1981. Yes, we just told those of you that enjoy math Jenn’s age. We are leaders. Still maturing, but established in our roles at work, at home and in our communities. We are different. Laura is doing a corporate gig. Jenn is a church planter. We are podcasters.Continue reading “Yes. Yes we are.”