Episode 4: Not Limitless

3 December 2019

LIMITS. We have them. We are not limitless, no matter what anyone tells us. Is this opinion popular? No. Do we want to believe we can just keep going and going? That we are invincible? Of course we do! As we close this series about balance, we are going to take a hard look at our limits. Admitting we have them, and choosing to live within them.

Leaders are often asked to work without limits. Be available all the time. Push through the difficult. Take on any challenge sent their way. While this can even happen with good intent, there are unintended consequences. And the pace is not sustainable.

Let’s own the reality that we NOT LIMITLESS. Join us in this episode as we admit we have to make choices, talk about how to make them and set a course to thrive, not just survive, and live at a sustainable pace that enables us to lead with conviction, innovation and energy. And, get some guidelines on when it is okay to do “WHATEVER IT TAKES”.

Mentions in this episode include:

  • Bobby Gruenewald, Pastor and Innovation Leader at Life.Church and the founder of the YouVersion Bible App. Years later, Jenn recollects wise words from him about innovation and limits.
  • The movie Apollo 13 and THIS powerful scene. Leaders: this movie is full of great lessons if you watch ready to observe and learn!

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