Episode 5: Technology, For or Against Us

10 December 2019

Technology is necessary, but it quickly becomes more than we can handle. We want to use it well, but not be controlled by it. On this episode, the Sisters tackle some guidelines on making sure technology is for us and not against us.

Are you managing your notifications or are they managing you? Do you let technology connections replace conversation? Do you need a “digital declutter”? Ask yourself these questions and join the sisters as we discuss how to manage technology in our life. And how to make it work for us.

During the episode, we’ll provide some guidelines on structuring your technology use. They include:

  • Conversation is always better
  • Make technology use part of your repertoire, not your only act.
  • Are you using only the functions that help you?
  • Are you enhancing your message or distracting from it when you deploy technology?
  • Are you being you with technology. Actively use the “would you say that in person” test .

Our “Memory Lane” moment this week takes us back to the days of the cutting-edge technology of the Apple II GS. Yes, we had one! And here is the photographic evidence.

Christmas morning and the Apple II GS. Ah, I wish I still looked that fresh and bright eyed first thing in the morning!

This episode drawings inspiration from and frequently mentions the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. Buy a copy today! There is much to be learned from this work.

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