Episode 6: Technology, Stay or Go

17 December 2019

Technology allows us to communicate globally and instantaneously, leaving us with the question: “Should I stay or should I go.” Join the Sisters as we discuss planning your next visit. Is virtual viable or is it time to use planes, trains and automobiles?

The trials of traveling for business are real. With today’s technology, we have the opportunity to avoid the airport delay, the crowded train, the mind-numbing drive. But should we? Join us as we discuss some guidelines for making the choice to stay or go.

In this episode, we are also joined by George Spanos, Vice President and expert emeritus in all things information technology. With humor and clarity, George digs into everything from how technology is driving our lives to managing multiple personalities on virtual meetings — including the eater, the mumbler, the interrupter and the multi-tasker. And make sure you watch the YouTube video “A Conference Call in Real Life” after you listen for an added laugh!

Our “Memory Lane” moment this week takes us West to the Rocky Mountains and Real Talk south to Peru. Buckle up and get ready to travel with us… virtually.

The Rocky Mountains. GO THERE ASAP. Reference memory lane moment!

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