Episode 9: FEELINGS – Harnessing Passion

7 January 2020

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Are you singing with us yet? You know the tune. And you know that we all have feelings. The question is: what should we do with them and how do we make them work for us? Join us this week for the first in our four-part series on feelings. This week we begin with PASSION. Are you ready?

This episode explore PASSION. How we control it, how we make it work to motivate our team and what to do when it has passed us by. The Sisters share their experience with overwhelming the team with passion, demonstrating transparency for better and for worse and the pitfalls of letting passion take over.

We’ll provide an outline for how to take your passion and put it to good use for your organization, team and family. Feelings are of God – let’s use them!

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