Episode 10: FEELINGS – Anger to Action

14 January 2020

Last week the Sisters started to talk about feelings. How do we recognize them and use them as a power source. This week, our episode speaks directly into the feeling of anger. Have you ever let anger get the better of you at work? There’s a cost to losing it, but there’s also an opportunity to channel it into something helpful. Let’s take charge!

This episode explores ANGER. It is impossible to avoid getting angry in life. Or having someone angry with you. Join us for this episode as we help you work through this volatile emotion. What action is the right action? Pause. Talk to someone trusted, but not the entire office. DO NOT EAT THE FEELINGS! Acknowledge and address is. Do not pretend it isn’t there.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured

Mark Twain

We are honored to be joined in this episode by John Johnson, an HR Specialist with a Fortune 50 company. You can hear more from John on his blog at four4soaring.com and follow him on Insta (@fourforsoaring). John is full of wisdom, including sharing with us how to deal with those co-workers and friends that are “full of CHIT”.

Also mentioned on today’s episode is the book “Emotionally Healthy Relationship” by Peter & Geri Scazzero.

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