Episode 12: FEELINGS – Forward Facing Fear

28 January 2020

Join the Sisters in this episode for the final week of our series on FEELINGS. Today we tackle fear. Giving it a voice, addressing it and allowing it to teach us. And, gain some final insights on how to manage emotions as industrious leaders.

FEAR is a really difficult emotion, and one many of us do not want to admit we face. The reality is that all leads have fears. Irrelevance, failure, disappointment, embarrassment… anyone?? This week we talk about how to take that fear, give it a voice and own it.

The Sisters also close this series about feelings with some guidelines for how to manage any and all feelings.

  • Recognize your triggers for negative emotions.
  • Build a support network.
  • Establish coping techniques.
  • Seek feedback on how you are doing.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on feelings and look forward to hearing your feedback as you put what you have learned into practice!


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