Episode 14: CONFLICT – Feedback; To Give and to Receive

11 February 2020

Part of healthy conflict is having an open, and even eager, pathway to both giving and receiving feedback. That said, feedback is never easy so the Sisters are bringing you their best advice on getting it right.

During our first segment, we talk about the keys to giving good feedback:

  • BE CONSISTENT and TIMELY with feedback; this is not a once per year event
  • PROVIDE FEEDBACK IN ALL DIRECTIONS: manager to employee, peer to peer, employee to manager
  • STATEMENTS should be direct and clear.
  • REINFORCE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR in addition to providing opportunity to improve
  • PRACTICE giving feedback. This is a skill worth building!

Our episode also provides some insight into receiving feedback like a pro. Finding the truth in any feedback, enlisting someone to work on the opportunity with you, asking question and following up will all make you a better employee and industrious leader.

The Sisters have a lot of passion for the topic of feedback because it helps us all grow in our industrious lives. We hope you gain some insight that you can put to work in this episode!

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