Episode 14: CONFLICT – Feedback; To Give and to Receive

11 February 2020 Part of healthy conflict is having an open, and even eager, pathway to both giving and receiving feedback. That said, feedback is never easy so the Sisters are bringing you their best advice on getting it right. During our first segment, we talk about the keys to giving good feedback: BE CONSISTENTContinue reading “Episode 14: CONFLICT – Feedback; To Give and to Receive”

Episode 13: CONFLICT – Disagreeing Well

4 February 2020 We are surrounded by conflict. But we are terrible about managing it well. Join the Sisters in a revolution to learn how to fight cleanly. Listening, learning from each others and using conflict to help us grow in our industrious lives. Managing conflict is a leadership challenge that few are willing toContinue reading “Episode 13: CONFLICT – Disagreeing Well”

Episode 12: FEELINGS – Forward Facing Fear

28 January 2020 Join the Sisters in this episode for the final week of our series on FEELINGS. Today we tackle fear. Giving it a voice, addressing it and allowing it to teach us. And, gain some final insights on how to manage emotions as industrious leaders. FEAR is a really difficult emotion, and oneContinue reading “Episode 12: FEELINGS – Forward Facing Fear”