Episode 13: CONFLICT – Disagreeing Well

4 February 2020

We are surrounded by conflict. But we are terrible about managing it well. Join the Sisters in a revolution to learn how to fight cleanly. Listening, learning from each others and using conflict to help us grow in our industrious lives.

Managing conflict is a leadership challenge that few are willing to take on. Isn’t it easier to just pretend things are all agreed, going well and no further discussion is necessary? NO. Please, NO. It is time that we not only acknowledge that conflict exists, but look it square in the face and address it.

The Sisters start this series on conflict with some guidance on how to fight clean, respect opinions of others, find solutions and, yes, be industrious even in the case of conflict. Along the way, we’ll provide guidelines for disagreeing well that include:

  • Depersonalizing the conflict
  • Listening to understand, not react
  • Acknowledging the conflict, no avoiding
  • Identifying your sacred cows – or, entrenched ideas

This episode is full of bad analogies, conflicting views of how Jenn fell over a fence in our childhood and the acknowledgement that cookie dough makes everything better. Listen in at this link today!

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